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Since 2008, Erick Tsiknopoulos has been offering many of his translations of Tibetan texts to the public,
by making then available for free on this website.

His goal has always been to make the classic and important literature that exists in Tibetan available to as many people as possible,
through the medium of Tibetan-English textual translations.

These translations are done in a professional and academic way.
The highest standards of quality and accuracy are met, and native Tibetan scholars are consulted on any difficult points in the texts.

  • People from over 185 countries have accessed this website, all around the world.

  • The translations and writings by Erick Tsiknopoulos on this website been read by a total of nearly 125,000 people (visitors), with over 418,000 hits (page views) in total.

  • The feedback from our readers over the years has been overwhelmingly positive and appreciative.

This website features translations of several hundred individual Tibetan texts,
by dozens of Indian and Tibetan authors. More are being added on a regular basis.

The vast majority of these Tibetan texts have never before been translated into English, nor any other Western language.

Some of the translations have also been translated into other languages,
such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Indonesian and Vietnamese. We hope that more of our translations will be translated into other languages in the future!

Your donations contribute to our ongoing translation work, website maintenance, Tibetan language teaching mission and more.

You have the opportunity to provide direct support to the translation of the oceanic scriptures of the Buddha Dharma and of Tibetan literature more broadly,
into English and other languages.

With the charitable funding received from our generous sponsors,
Trikāya Translations is given direct support for numerous projects.

  • Expanding the library of translated Tibetan texts on this website

  • Maintaining and improving the website

  • Providing more time and resources to produce translations

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