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Translation Services

Trikāya Translation Services
by the Trikāya Translation Committee

Tibetan & More

One of the top names in Tibetan-English translation since 2008, we now also offer translation services for other Asian languages.

We offer translation services from Tibetan to English,
as well as English to Tibetan.

We translate all types of Tibetan texts.
Our translation services are available for all genres of Tibetan literature.

Other Languages

The Trikāya Translation Committee is now able to offer translations from many other languages, including the following:

  • Sanskrit
  • Pāli
  • Chinese
  • Romanian
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Nepali
  • Odia
  • Sinhala
  • Ladakhi
  • Dzongkha
  • Balti

If you or your organization require the translation of a text or document, or have a translation project you’d like to propose, please contact us.


Want to request a quotation for a translation project?

If you or your organization have a text that needs to be translated, get in touch with us and we’ll discuss all the details.


Phone number for Messenger (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram or Discord): +40 769 824 828

Need more help?

Have questions or need a hand? We’re here to help.
Reach our friendly support team via WhatsApp.

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