The Complete Sūtra of Golden Light Project

More than those who hate you, more than all your enemies, an undisciplined mind does greater harm.  ~ Buddha

If you have enjoyed and/or benefited from the Dharma translations here on, check out one of the most exciting larger projects being undertaken by Erick Tsiknopoulos: The Complete Sūtra of Golden Light Project, which is our translation of the Sūtra of Golden Light: The 29 and 31 Chapter Versions.

Please consider making a donation to the Complete Sūtra of Golden Light ProjectThe amount of merit and positive karmic potential you will accumulate by sponsoring the translation of the Sūtra of Golden Light: The 29 and 31 Chapter Versions is immense and expansive; as you will be partially responsible for the translation of an extremely important Buddhist scripture — one that will bring vast benefit to the world and potentially millions of people, for a long time into the future.

Here is a list of the translations of The Complete Sūtra of Golden Light Project by Erick Tsiknopoulos published on

[The 29 and 31 Chapter Versions of the Tibetan Suvarṇaprabhāsa Sūtra]

From the 29 Chapter Version: 

  1. Chapter 1: The Preamble 
  2. Chapter 2: The Teaching on the Lifespan of the Tathāgata 
  3. Chapter 7: The Praise to All Dominions of the Perfectly Complete Buddhas Who Arise Throughout the Past, Future and Present
  4. Chapter 8: The Dhāraṇī Called ‘Golden’
  5. Chapter 9: Emptiness 
  6. Chapter 11: The Meticulous Observation of Gods and Humans By the Four Great Kings 
  7. Chapter 13: The Dhāraṇī of Non-Attachment 
  8. Chapter 14: The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Dhāraṇī
  9. Chapter 16: The Goddess Shrī 
  10. Chapter 17: Vast Increase in Wealth by the GreatGoddes Shrī 
  11. Chapter 18: The Earth Goddess Dridha 
  12. Chapter 19: Samjñāya, the Lord of Yakshas 
  13. Chapter 21: Excellent Manifestation 
  14. Chapter 27: The Praise by All the Bodhisattvas 
  15. Chapter 28: The Praise to All Tathāgatas
  16. Ju Mipham Rinpoché on The Dhāraṇī Called ‘Golden’ from the Sūtra of Golden Light (extracted from las sna shogs kyi be’u bum)

Our website for the project is Sutra of Golden Light, which is currently under construction.


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