Ancient Tibetan Manuscript


The Tibetan ‘Missing Translator’s Colophon’ Version of the Dharma Wheel Sūtra (chos kyi ‘khor lo’i mdo gyur byang med pa) [includes introductory essay]

Biographies of the First Buddhist Patriarchs in Modern Tibetan Renditions of Early Indian Buddhist History: A Partial Translation and Introductory Essay to the ‘Seven Successors’ (gtad-rabs bdun) Chapter of ‘The Consolidated Heart of Excellent Chronicles: One Hundred Questions and Answers on Buddhist History’

Karmic Purification Vis-à-vis the Four Powers in Mahāyāna Buddhist Scriptures: A New Translation of the Sūtra of the Teaching on the Four Dharmas

Pith Instructions from the Lam-Rim-Chen-mo on the Spirit of Awakening: Excerpts from the ‘Bodhicitta’ Section of gTsong-kha-pa’s Lam-rim-chen-mo as Summarized by sTag-bu Yongs-‘dzin Ye-shes rGya-mtsho in his ‘A Torch for Illumination: The Condensed Vital Points of Pith Instruction on the Stages of the Path for the Three Personal Scopes via the Outline of the Great Exposition on the Stages of the Path to Awakening’

The Four Methods of Guidance as a Framework for Engaged Buddhist Ethics and Social Harmony: An Interpretation Based on Scriptural, Tibetan and Indian Commentarial, and Japanese Zen Sources

The Dynamic of Wisdom and Compassion in Prajñāpāramitā Literature As Expressed in its ‘Verse Summaries’ (saṁcayagāthā, sdud pa tshigs su bcad pa)

Review of David J. Kalupahana’s Ethics in Early Buddhism

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