The Sūtra of Golden Light: The 29 Chapter Version, Chapter 28 – The Praise to All Tathāgatas

Chapter 28: The Praise to All Tathāgatas


Then the Bodhisattva Ruciraketu rose from his seat, placed his upper robe over one shoulder, planted his right knee on the ground, bowed toward the Bhagavān with folded palms; and thereupon praised the Bhagavān deeply with these verses:

Lord of Sages, you are adorned by hundreds of meritorious characteristics,
And thousands of glorious beautiful qualities.
Of exquisite appearance, you manifest supreme peace;
And your light is like a thousand suns, streaming forth in all directions.

Blazing with brilliant beams of light,

You are pervaded by light,
And replete with a variety of colors like a gemstone;
With blue, white, gleaming gold, blue sapphire, copper, and dawn-crystal colored light.

You pulverize Sumeru, the Vajra King of Mountains,
Illuminate many billions of realms,
Soothe intense sufferings hard to bear;
And satisfy sentient beings with supreme bliss.

Your physical appearance and intellectual capacities are radiant; and beautiful to observe.
One never tires of seeing your form; and all beings who behold it are filled with joy.
Your hair is as utterly lovely, as the colors of the peacock;
Like light aswarm with bees.

You are adorned with the qualities of authentically pure great compassion,
And have established transcendent love, meditative concentration, and positive potential.
Endowed with a variety of excellent attributes and colors,
Adorned with the qualities of profound concentration, and the factors of Awakening;
It is you who perfectly satisfies and brings aid to one and all.

Bringer of joy, you who manifest as the source of all joy,
Adorned with a multitude of profound qualities,
Gloriously manifesting in billions of realms;
Like bright firelight are you beautiful, with your gleaming rays of light.

In this way, you are like the full solar orb in the sky,
Imbued with all good qualities, like Sumeru,
And bringing perfect joy to all worlds,

Throughout the universe.

Like the curd of a cow, a white water lily, and the moon,
Your garland of teeth, brilliant white like the color of snow,
Beautifies your mouth,
Just like Hamsarāja, the king of geese, soaring through the airs.

Your serene face is like the waxing moon,
With your clockwise-curling urna as transcendent symbol of perfect mastery;
White radiance streams from your body, like sapphire:
You are beautiful like the sun in the center of the sky.”


You can find the text at The Sūtra of Golden Light: The 29 Chapter Version, Chapter 28 – The Praise to All Tathāgatas

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