The Sūtra of Golden Light: The 29 Chapter Version, Chapter 27 – The Praise Made by All the Bodhisattvas

Chapter 27: The Praise Made by All the Bodhisattvas


Then those many hundreds of thousands of Bodhisattvas went to where the Tathāgata Suvarṇaratnakaracchatrakuta was; and having gone there, they bowed their heads at the feet of the Tathāgata Suvarṇaratnakaracchatrakuta, and sat down to one side.

Then, having sat down to one side, those many hundreds of thousands of Bodhisattvas folded their palms, and deeply praised the Tathāgata Suvarṇaratnakaracchatrakuta with these verses:

The supreme body of the Conqueror resembles refined gold;
An exalted form totally imbued with the color of gold.
A golden hue like the golden king of mountains:
The White Lotus Sage is endowed with the color of gold.

With the major marks of excellence, your body is fully adorned;
With the various excellent minor marks, your body is embellished.
Your beauty, like golden light, blazing brightly:
You are utterly without blemish, serene as the king of mountains.

With the voice and pleasing tones of Brahmā, the melody of Brahmā;
The lion’s roar, and thunder, melody of the dragon’s resounding call.
Your sixty-fold melody is a pristine sound:
With the song of victory, the songs of the peacock and cuckoo.

Totally without stain, spotless, lovely with brilliant light;
Conqueror, you are adorned by the marks of a hundred positive potentials.
Your ocean of transcendent knowledge flawless and unmarred:
Conqueror, like Sumeru you are endowed with all good qualities.

With unexcelled loving compassion that benefits sentient beings;
The supreme bestower of bliss in the universe throughout all world-systems.
Conqueror, revealing the transcendent meanings:
You are the excellent one who leads into the bliss of Nirvāṇa.

Granting the joy of deathlessness,
Revealing completely the deathless ambrosial Dharma of the Jinas,
Guiding to the city of the deathless;
You are the source of all bliss, the abode of bliss.

Conqueror, you liberate wandering beings from suffering,
You free living beings from the ocean of suffering,
You perfectly guide living beings to the path of peace;
You grant living beings all happiness.

No one can equal you,
The guide of all that exists, ocean of virtue and deep wisdom,
Your great compassion for all beings laden with life;
The power of your love, your expertise and resolve.

Even in many thousands of billions of eons,
There are none, including the gods, among all beings,
Who can fully describe even a single drop of the virtue:
From the ocean of your deep wisdom and good qualities.

Showing a single drop of your good qualities,
We have briefly expounded a mere fraction of them in this way;
Through whatever positive potential we have thus gathered,
May all sentient beings reach Supreme Awakening.”


You can find the text at The Sūtra of Golden Light: The 29 Chapter Version, Chapter 27 – The Praise Made by All the Bodhisattvas


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