Mantra& dharani

  1. Ārya Jambhala’s Dhāraṇī for Fully Pacifying All Sheep Sickness
  2. Avalokiteshvara’s Dhāraṇī
  3. Avalokiteshvara’s Mantra Which Subdues All Negative Actions and Obscurations
  4. Buddha Akshobhya’s Dhāraṇī
  5. Manjushri’s Name-Mantra
  6. Manjushri’s Mantra for Increasing Wisdom and Intelligence
  7. Mantra for Benefiting Animals Whose Meat is Eaten
  8. Medicine Buddha’s Dhāraṇī
  10. Shakyamuni Buddha’s Mantra
  11. Tara’s Mantra Which Protects from the Eight Fears
  12. The Blazing Ushnisha Dhāraṇī
  13. The Complete Purification of the Eyes: An Exalted Awareness-Mantra
  14. The Concise Dhāraṇī Ritual for Purifying Offerings
  15. The Demon Dispelling Dhāraṇī of the Thirteen Cakras
  16. The Dhāraṇī for Attaining the Ten Far-Reaching Perfections
  17. The Dhāraṇī for Dispelling Bad Dreams
  18. The Dhāraṇī for Prostrating Before a Sacred Support
  19. The Dhāraṇī for Purifying All Negative Actions and Obscurations
  20. The Dhāraṇī For Purifying Eye Diseases
  21. The Dhāraṇī of Cowherd Vasudhārā
  22. The Dhāraṇī of Enchanting Vasudhārā
  23. The Dhāraṇī of Four-Armed Red Gaṇapati
  24. The Dhāraṇī of Four-Armed White Gaṇapati from the Tradition of the Jowo [Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna]
  25. The Dhāraṇī of Ganapati’s Monkey Emanation
  26. The Dhāraṇī of Jeweled-Ushnisha Buddha
  27. The Dhāraṇī of Lapis Light that Generates the Power of the Tathāgata’s Samādhi [The Concise Medicine Buddha Sūtra]
  28. The Dhāraṇī of the Four Great Kings
  29. The Dhāraṇī of the Noble Maṇibhadra
  30. The Dhāraṇī of the Three Protectors of Beings
  31. The Dhāraṇī of the Yakṣa Maṇibhadra
  32. The Dhāraṇī of Vasudhārā, the Goddess Arisen from Dhāraṇī
  33. The Dhāraṇī of Yellow Jambhala from the Guhyāsamaja
  34. The Dhāraṇī of Yellow Jambhala’s Chief Form
  35. The Dhāraṇī Which Heightens the Powers of Virtuous Activities
  36. The Dhāraṇī-Mantra of Kshitigarbha
  37. The Dhāraṇīs for Attaining the Four Immeasurables
  38. The Dhāraṇī of the Lord of Secrets, Vajrapāṇi
  39. The Eight Letters of Mañjushrī
  40. The Essence of Ganapati, the Lord of Gatherings
  41. The Essence of the Six Far-Reaching Perfections Dhāraṇī (The Essence of the Six Paramitas Dhāraṇī)
  42. The Exalted Ganapati’s Heart-Dhāraṇī
  43. The Exalted Mantra for Not Being Harmed by Epidemics and Animals
  44. The Exalted Mantra Which Dispels Obstructing Force
  45. The Extremely Secret Mantra of the Vast Celestial Palace of Jewels
  46. The Heart-Essence Mantra of Amitayus
  47. The Homage to the Tathāgata Śākyamuni
  48. The Homage to the Buddhas Who Hold the Vase of Life
  49. The Homage to the Tathāgata Akṣobhya [Immovable One]
  50. The Homage to the Tathāgata Utterly Pure Mandala of the Moon
  51. The Incantation of Gaṇapati’s Monkey Emanation: A Dhāraṇī of the Lord of Gatherings
  52. The Increasing Mantra
  53. The King of Samadhi Sūtra Dhāraṇī
  54. The Mantra for Accomplishing Activities
  55. The Mantra for Accomplishing All Aims
  56. The Mantra for Attaining the Four Immeasurables
  57. The Mantra for Attaining the Ten Far-Reaching Perfections (The Mantra for Attaining the Ten Paramitas)
  58. The Mantra for Being Attractive
  59. The Mantra for Being Released from Bondage
  60. The Mantra for Circumambulating Representations of the Three Jewels
  61. The Mantra for Clearing Away All Obstacles
  62. The Mantra for Cutting the Flow of Karmic Obscuration
  63. The Mantra for Frightening Maras and Demons
  64. The Mantra for Fully Pacifying All Sickness
  65. The Mantra for Generating Transcendent Insight 1
  66. The Mantra for Generating Transcendent Insight 2
  67. The Mantra for Generating Transcendent Insight 3
  68. The Mantra for Having a Pleasant Voice
  69. The Mantra for Non-Forgetfulness
  70. The Mantra for Obtaining 100 Garments
  71. The Mantra for Pacifying All Negative Actions
  72. The Mantra for Pacifying All Poison
  73. The Mantra for Pacifying Anger
  74. The Mantra for Pacifying Hemorrhoids
  75. The Mantra for Pacifying Poxes
  76. The Mantra for Pacifying Sicknesses of Indigestion
  77. The Mantra for Pacifying the Afflictions of Fire
  78. The Mantra for Pacifying Tumors
  79. The Mantra for Retaining What Is Heard
  80. The Mantra for Self-Protection
  81. The Mantra for Subduing Maras and Demons
  82. The Mantra for the Complete Purification of Offerings
  83. The Mantra for Totally Pacifying Contagious Diseases
  84. The Mantra for Totally Pacifying Eye Diseases
  85. The Mantra for Totally Pacifying Rage
  86. The Mantra of the Promise Made by Maitreya
  87. The Mantra Which Fully Purifies All the Lower Realms
  88. The Mantra Which Generates Transcendent Insight
  89. The Mantra Which Liberates from the Eight Great Fears
  90. The Mantra Which Purifies the Negative Karma Accumulated in One Thousand Eons
  91. The Multiplying Mantra
  92. The Name-Dhāraṇī of Je Tsongkhapa
  93. The Name-Recitation of Medicine Buddha
  94. The Name-Recitation of the Protector Amitābha
  95. The Outer Essence of the Tathāgata
  96. The Practice of the Dhāraṇī for Expanding Intellect
  97. The Practice of the Noble Dhāraṇī of Immeasurable Longevity and Wisdom
  98. The Prostration Mantra
  99. The Sacred Name of Kṣitigarbha 
  100. The Single Seed-Letter of Mañjuśrī
  101. The Six-Syllable Dhāraṇī of Avalokiteshvara: The Practice from Jowo Atīsha’s Tradition
  102. The Vasudhārā Dhāraṇī from the Tradition of Jamari
  103. The Innermost Essence of the Noble Mañjuśrī’s Tantra (Mañjuśrī-nāma-saṃgīti), A Treasure Teaching (gTerma) of Guru Chöwang, Chökyi Wangchuk
  104. The Dhāraṇī for Seeing Dreams (of Vajrapāṇi)
  105. The Dhāraṇī of the Yakṣa Jambhala Śrī
  106. The Innermost Heart-Essence of the Noble Mayūri, the Queen of Knowledge Mantras
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