Saraswatī’s Letter to Chatral Rinpoché’s Students, January 9th, 2016


Saraswatī‘s Letter to Chatral Rinpoché‘s Students, January 9th, 2016


Owing to the present circumstances of a situation that has occurred in which reports that are unfactual, and do not have the name of who wrote them, have come to spread all over the internet, [we must state that] we are not even familiar with the person who is giving the reports, without even their author’s name, saying that our Protecting Lord, Jadrel (Chatral) Rinpoché’s bodily remains have shrunken; nor are these reports true. Whether our Lama’s bodily remains become bigger or smaller, it is impossible that our faith could become higher or lower.

Moreover, we have a request. If you happen to be someone with faith and trust in Rinpoché, we ask that you each of you, personally, accomplish virtue and refrain from negativity, do Guru Yoga, engage in practice suitable to your ability, practice vegetarianism (dKar-sKyong) and so on, and, in brief, exert yourself in actions which are purely wholesome, as much as possible.

In particular, since solicitations of donations for the sake of Rinpoché’s bodily remains and the like are absolutely not in accord with the intent of Rinpoché himself, we are not soliciting donations [for such ostensible purposes], and you also should please not do so. Please do understand that regardless of who may be soliciting donations saying that it is for the sake of Rinpoché, it is nothing but categorical falsity.

As a final point, we earnestly implore you, by all means, to never place confidence in [such] frivolous letters whose authors’ names are not listed!

This was written by Saraswātī, in response to the needs of the immediate situation.

Translated from the Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos, January 10th 2016 (Delhi, India).

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