Letter of Support for Erick Tsiknopoulos from Dato’ Patrick Tan

I have had the good fortune of knowing Erick since 2010. I first encountered him on the internet through his excellent website of Tibetan Buddhist translations, Sugatagarbha Translations (http://www.sugatagarbhatranslations.com). I was deeply impressed with his obviously high level of skill in Tibetan language and Tibetan to English translation, as well as his extensive knowledge of Buddhism. I was also moved that he offered all of his translations for free. I developed a friendship and partnership with him that continues to this day. I have always supported his altruistic translation projects, and over the years I have tried to help him as I am able. In 2011, I had the opportunity to meet him in person in Kathmandu, where he served as an oral translator for me and my colleagues at Namo Buddha and Pharping, and he was very helpful to us. He has also translated several letters to Tibetan lamas from English into Tibetan for me, and worked as the main English editor and proofreader for the English edition of my company’s official magazine for over a year and half, from 2011 to 2012. His translation abilities are beyond doubt, and his talent and proficiency in both English and Tibetan is inspiring. Moreover, his wide-ranging understanding of Buddhism is highly unusual for someone of his age, and it is obvious that he has been constantly furthering his Buddhist studies for quite a long time. I have always admired his sincere commitment to the intensive study of Tibetan Buddhism in India, and his unique dedication to the field of translation. He has studied with many great Buddhist teachers  in both America and India for many years, and through this he has truly gained a deep familiarity with a broad spectrum of the Buddhist teachings.

For myself, as a long-time student of Buddhism in both the Chinese and Tibetan traditions and someone has visited India and Nepal on numerous occasions, I can appreciate the diligence and patience that is required for the kind of study that Erick has accomplished. It is very difficult and requires a great deal of courage and devotion. Erick has served as an encouragement for me in my own Buddhist studies and practice.

I believe that he is and will continue to be of great benefit to Buddhism and the world.



Dato’ Patrick Tan, Royal Knight of Malaysia

Founder and Chairman of the VISIBER Corporation (VISIBER SDN BHD, VISIBER International Group)

Websites: http://www.visiber.com


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