The Teaching on the Eleven Contemplations Sūtra

The Teaching on the Eleven Contemplations Sūtra


In the Indian Language [Sanskrit]: Ārya Samjñāna Ekadasha Nirdesha Sūtra

In the Tibetan Language: Phakpa Dushey Chuchik Tenpay Do

(phags pa ‘du shes bcu gcig bstan pa’i mdo)

In the English Language: The Exalted Teaching on the Eleven Contemplations Sūtra




Thus have I heard: At one time, the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror was abiding in the Grove of Twin Sāla Trees near the Hero Vicinity of the city of Kusha, and, when it was time for him to pass into Parinirvana, he granted teaching to the seekers of virtue thus:

Seekers of virtue! At the time of death, seekers of virtue must actualize eleven contemplations.”

What are those eleven? Concerning this, one must actualize the contemplation of non-attachment, the contemplation of loving-kindness for all sentient beings, the contemplation of totally giving up all resentment, the contemplation of confessing all violated ethical discipline, the contemplation of perfectly undertaking all ethical discipline, the contemplation of broad-mindedness even towards those who have committed great evils, the contemplation of small roots of virtue as being significant, the contemplation of having no fear towards the world hereafter, the contemplation of the impermanence of all conditioned things, the contemplation of the absence of self in all phenomena, and the contemplation which thinks, ‘Nirvana is peace’.”

The Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror bestowed teaching with those words, and those seekers of virtue rejoiced, and deeply praised what had been spoken by the Transcendent and Accomplished Conqueror.



Translated from Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos

in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, India; November 2012.

Thanks to Dr. Lobzang Gyamtso for his help with reviewing the translation and providing commentary and explanation for many points in the text.

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