The Dharani of Ganapati’s Monkey Emanation

The Dharani of Ganapati’s Monkey Emanation


And thus, if you recite this dharani of Ganapati’s Monkey Emanation many times, you will not lack for food and resources.


When you recite this heart-essence continuously, you will find a great treasure of wealth at that very time. You will become equal in fortune to a world-turning universal monarch. Through reciting this heart-mantra many times, and then anointing your eyes[i], all the people that you see will be under your sway.  If at night time, before you go to sleep, you moisten your eyes with blessed mantra-water[ii], you will see in your dreams all that you wish for.

[i]This means that one recites the mantra over water, and then applies the water to one’s eyes.

[ii] This means the same as above. Sngags chu (ngak-chu, “mantra-water”) refers to water that has had mantras or other prayers chanted over it, thus making it blessed.

Translated by Erick Tsiknopoulos (Sherab Zangpo)

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