Arya Maitreya’s King of Prayers

Arya Maitreya’s King of Prayers

In the Indian Language (Sanskrit): Arya Maitreya Pranidhana Raja
In the Tibetan Language: P’hagpa Jampa’i Moenlam gyi Gyalpo
In the English Language: Arya Maitreya’s King of Prayers


[The Buddha said,]

“Ananda! Thus, the bodhisattva mahasattva Maitreya, in previous times, when he was engaged in the practices of a bodhisattva, three times during the day, and three times at night, would throw his upper robe over one shoulder, kneel, planting his right knee on the ground, and, joining his palms together, would recite these words, praying in this way:

“I prostrate to all the buddhas!

To those sages who possess the eye of wisdom,
the bodhisattvas,
and the shravakas as well:
it is to them that I prostrate.

It makes one turn away from bad rebirths and the lower realms,
it fully reveals the path to higher status and the upper realms,
it leads one towards freedom from birth and death:
I prostrate to bodhichitta.

That which was created under of the power of the mind,
all the destructive actions that I have done,
going before the noble eye of the Buddha:
all these I confess.

The collection of merit which has been produced
through the three types of positive karma,
those seeds of my omniscience:
may they not be exhausted until my awakening.

In the innately pure buddhafields of the ten directions,
whatever offerings are made to the buddhas,
and whatever rejoicing there is in the transcendent knowledge of the buddhas:
in all of this I rejoice.

I confess all destructive actions,
I rejoice in all merit,
I prostrate to all buddhas:
may I attain supreme primordial wisdom.

In all points of the ten directions,
to all those bodhisattvas who abide on the ten levels,
who are about to attain supreme awakening:
I entreat them not to pass into final enlightenment.

May the  buddhas who abide within sacred awakening
together with their communities, subdue the maras, and
so that all living things may be healed,
may the Wheel of Dharma be turned.

Through the sound of the great Dharma Drum,
may sentient beings be liberated from their suffering.
For inconceivable numbers of tens of millions of kalpas,
may the Dharma teachers enact their deeds, and may they stay firm.

Sinking in the swamp of desire,
tightly entangled in the yarn of craving,
all those who are bound by their fetters:
may those supreme amongst bipeds gaze upon them.

Though I have come to have defilements of mind,
the buddhas will not condemn me,
for they have a loving heart towards sentient beings:
may I be released from the ocean of conditioned existence.

All those perfect buddhas who are abiding now,
all those of the past, and all those yet to come,
following in their footsteps, I will study under them all:
may I practice the trainings of awakening.

Through my performing the perfect six far-reaching perfections,
may the sentient beings of the six classes be liberated.
With the six kinds of clairvoyance, directly perceiving,
may I touch unsurpassable awakening.

It is unborn, and non-arising,
it does not exist by way of its own self-nature, and does not have duration,
it does not have mental cognition, and it does not have an entity:
may I realize the emptiness of phenomena.

According to the great sage, the Buddha,
there is not a sentient being, and there is not a life,
there is not a person, and there is not an individual:
may I realize the selflessness of phenomena.

Though I have self-grasping, grasping at “mine”,
as all my material things do not abide,
with the intention of helping all sentient beings,
I give them all to them, though I do not have gold.

As material things do not have an actual entity,
may my enjoyments be spontaneously accomplished.
Though all material things are completely perishable,
may I consummate the far-reaching perfection of generosity.

With ethical discipline free from fault,
being endowed with completely pure ethics,
through discipline free from conceit,
may I consummate the far-reaching perfection of ethical discipline.

Like earth, or water, or fire,
or wind: like these elements, I shall not abide.
So, whether I am forebearant, or enraged,
may I consummate the far-reaching perfection of patience.

Through perseverance that applies diligence,
with stability, cheerfulness, and without laziness,
with a body and mind suffused with power,
may I consummate the far-reaching perfection of diligence.

Through the meditative absorption that is like an illusion,
the meditative absorption that brings one to dauntlessness,
and the meditative absorption that is like diamond,
may I consummate the far-reaching perfection of meditative concentration.

Through engaging in the three doors of complete liberation,
engaging in the equality of the three times,
and engaging in the direct perception of modes of conceptuality,
may I consummate the far-reaching perfection of sublime gnosis.

May all the buddhas praise this,
and blaze forth their light and brilliance.
Through the diligence of the bodhisattvas,
may my aspirations be consummated!”

Thus, through training in the practices, the one reknowned as “Love” (Maitreya/Jampa), through bringing to consummation
the six far-reaching perfections, came to fully abide on the ten levels.

When I die, passing on from this life, immediately at that point, may I reborn in Tushita, and be of joyful heart. Swiftly, through pleasing the Lord Protector Maitreya, may I receive a prediction of my awakening!

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Maitreya Buddha

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