The Praise to the Wish-Fulfilling Wheel of White Tara

The Praise to the Wish-Fulfilling Wheel of White Tara

Together with the Mantra-Dharani


In the Indian Language (Sanskrit): Arya Taraye Tutta
In the Tibetan Language: P’hag-ma Droel-ma la Toe’-pa
In the English Language: A Praise to the Noble Tara [The Praise to the Wish-Fulfilling Wheel of White Tara]


You are she who liberates from samsara with TARE,
through TUTTARA, you free from the eight fears,
through TURE, you release from sickness:
I prostrate to the Mother, Tara.

Sitting in the center of a white lotus,
Upon the seat of a white moon,
you are she who enacts with the vajra posture:
I prostrate to she who bestows the most supreme.

You are endowed with the luster of an autumn moon,
and you have a smoothness like the dark side of that moon.
You are fully radiant with variegated ornaments:
to you who hold the utpala flower, I prostrate.

You are endowed with the body of a sixteen year-old girl,
and you are the heir to all of the perfect buddhas.
This exalted form which grants desires is of that Mother we hold dear:
I prostrate to the Noble Tara.

From your white wheel, rays of light blaze forth,
and on its spokes are eight syllables.
It takes the distinct manifestation of complete encirclement:
I prostrate to you who holds the Wheel.

Noble Tara, you are the mother that activates liberation,
you are she who increases life-span with her wish-fulfilling wheel.
Goddess, to you I pray:
through this, I pray that you protect me from obstacles to my life,
sickness, and all suffering,
O Efficacious One.

All spiritual powers and realizations, both mundane and supreme,
without exception, I pray that you give these to me.
O Noble Lady, through practicing faith in you,
may you always consider me like your child.

And for me, also, through my praying to you,
may you hold me with the hook of your great compassion.

The complexion of the Goddess is a color like the moon.
She is flirtatious, and dressed in restrained garb.
Her formly shape is adorned with ornaments of precious substances.
She has lower garments of beautiful silk.
On her seat in the middle of the lotus and moon,
She enacts the vajra posture with her two exalted feet.
One face, two hands, with a smile,
she is the mother who gives birth to the buddhas of the three times.
Goddess, to you I bow eternally.

Through praising you this little bit,
so that I may accomplish awakening,
from this moment onwards until enlightenment,
may unconducive circumstances be pacified,
and may there be an abundance and prosperity of harmonious conditions!


Universally-Honored Tara, by your grace, may I
and all sentient beings equal to the limits of the sky
have life-span and merit that increases
and flourishes, I pray!

I pray that you prolong my life!
I pray that you pacify illness and spirit-harm!
I pray that you help to purify all negative karma and obscurations!
I pray that you quickly help me attain both mundane and supreme spiritual powers and realizations!

All of the sacred Dharma of the ocean of sutric and tantric scriptural collections:
through realizing it well, may I explain it to others.
Holding the victory banner of the accomplishment of the appropriate modalities,
for as long as samsara is not empty,  may I persevere!

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

White Tara is the bodhisattva of compassion. She’s associated with serenity, longevity, strength and healing.

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