Gelongma Palmo’s Tara Prayer

Gelongma Palmo’s Tara Prayer

by Gelongma Palmo (Bhikshuni Shri)


From the supreme abode of the Potala,
from a green letter TAM were you born,
from the light of the letter TAM, beings are liberated:
Tara, together with  your retinue, approach, I pray.

Humans and non-humans, with their crowns,
bow to the lotuses of your exalted feet,
as you are She Who Liberates from All Poverty:
Mother Tara, to you I prostrate.

The Universally-Honored One, the Noble Tara,
and all those Victorious Ones and their heirs
who abide throughout the ten directions and three times:
to all of them, with faith, I pay homage.

Flowers, incense, butter-lamps, perfumes,
feasts, games, and everything else,
both real and imaginary, emanating them with my mind, I offer:
I pray that you noble assemblies will accept them.

From beginningless up until the present,
All of the negativity, including the ten non-virtuous actions and the five grave actions of limitless consequence,
which have all come about through the power of disturbing afflictions of the mind:
all these I confess.

In the merit of the shravakas, pratyekabuddhas, the bodhisattvas,
and in that of each and every individual, all of them,
whatever merit they accumulate in the three times:
in all this I rejoice.

I accordance with the various kinds of mental dispositions
and thought-patterns of sentient beings,
there are the Great, Lesser, and General Vehicles:
I request that you turn these Dharma Wheels.

For as long as samsara is not empty,
out of your vast compassion, you stay not in nirvana, and so
for those who flounder in the ocean of suffering:
I pray that you gaze upon sentient beings.

All that merit which I have accumulated,
all of it I dedicate to becoming awakened!
Before too long,
may I become a glorious guide for beings!
This is reknowned as being the work of the nun Bhikshuni Shri (Gelongma Palmo). 

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

buddhazen101: “ Tara ”

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