Some Sutra Quotations I Translated

Profound, peaceful, free from elaboration, luminous, uncompounded:
Like deathless nectar is this Dharma that I have found.
Yet whoever I reveal it to, they will not understand, and so
Without speaking, in this very jungle I should remain.

-Shakyamuni Buddha, after attaining enlightenment


The Medium-Sized Far-Reaching Perfection of Sublime Knowing states:

Subhuti! Those who wish to attain the state of all-knowingness, omniscience itself, should rely on virtuous spiritual teachers.


The Sūtra Requested by Ratnachūda states:

Devaputra! If you rely on and venerate a virtuous spiritual teacher, you will come to see everything as an innately pure buddha-realm. You will come to attain the sacred absorption of great compassion. You will never be separate from the far-reaching perfection of sublime knowing. You will come to accomplish the full ripening of all sentient beings. You will come to attain the utter fulfillment of all your hopes.


In The Going for Mindfulness of the Dharma Sutra, it states:

By relying on a virtuous spiritual friend, mindfulness and alterness will be completely pure, and the roots of virtue will be wholly consummated.

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