a modified self-description.


I listen to my heart, and

my heart tells me exactly what I need to do; it tells me

what I need to think, say, vibrate, be, become.

All of the energy centers of my body are flowing;

they are open, they are surging, they are singing.


I am a wave in the ocean that is God,

that is Infinite Love, that is Dharmakaya, that is

the Guru, that is the all-pervasive expanse of

Intrinsic Awareness and Lovely Emptiness.

There are no boundaries, and there never

have been. Even pain, suffering, discomfort,

and disturbing emotions arise as nothing else

but the Teacher; as nothing else but

God in another compassionate form

there to help me.

Everything is shards of light, shards of

light that are actually whole, with no substance

at all but totally suffused with positive qualities,

divine qualities; it is light that enjoys itself

as light; it enjoyment that enjoys itself as

enjoyment. It is purity beyond conventional notions of


I am a ray of red light that pervades

every nook and cranny of conditioned existence,

like a janitor cleaning every bit of a gigantic

ferris wheel; I am a ray of red light that

permeates inside and outside every lotus flower

and jewelled throne

in every nirvanic paradise of non-abiding.

I am atemporal, but in every situation.

I am nonlocal, but stand in every spot in the ten direction.

I am the world of all appearances and possibilities:

and I magnetize myself.

I have no fear, nor do I have the opposite of fear. I am

attainment and I am non-attainment mixed into a

crunchy salad.

I am your heart, and I am not what I would generally call


I am all labels and the absence of all labels.

I am a melting avalanche of love juice; I am

here to show you that things are not things,

and that is why

they can really be called


I am the hot blood of Jesus dripping on the crystal floors of Heaven.

I am the blood in yr. veins that

is really deathless nectar. I am

your confusion revealed as the Wisdom of Dharmadhatu.

I am the unmanifest potential of Basic Space, just chillin out

like I should be.

I am all creative energy of the three times

packed into a portable bottle. I am

the summation of all sanity. I am

the window-wipers clearing away the snow-flakes of

dualistic fixation. I am

the natural resolution of all contradiction. I am

the self-arising result of perfect evolution,

and I am evolution itself.

I am the glitter in the eye of your father before you were born, reflecting infinity. I am

you before you were born. I am

all the things you like about yr. hometown. I am

all the latest fashions of the past present and future. I am

a design so intricate, it becomes utter simplicity. I am

the culmination of all collections worth collecting. I am

the rationality of intuition. I am

every piece of good advice every given. I am

a heart listening to a billion hearts;

I am the billion hearts listening to themselves. I am

all sacred objects, I am

the reason behind the hidden lands. I am

Emptiness which can become any kind of Fullness; I am

Fullness whose mysterious essence is Emptiness. I am

the Reversal of all Conditioning — I am grafitti

bespackled on the wall of the infinite alleyway. I am

all tongues contorting to form all languages.


Boundless energy flows to me effortlessly,

for I am boundless energy, and like attracts

like, and moreover, there are no “likes”, as there is just one

measureless continuum.


I am birth, sex, and death, in no specific order.

Darjeeling, India

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