Aghori Let-down on a Home-fry Plate.

I make an excellent entrance onto a simple

body of twisted adornment.

Letters break down down by themselves

words get swept up in rivers

tell me about this

how are you. how are you doing with

the flow of awareness.

What can’t be

made in words? He started to sing

bhajans, and all the little girls were


He asked a few questions and

he was confident

that after super-

juicing the holy Krishna city of unlimited

delight, his breathing would become

a breathing in and out of

yes and no.

Meditating on sperm, but not only sperm, more

of an aghori way of seeing sperm, he looked up, and said:

“…it’s very hard. You

need to talk the brain out of it. You have to eat

everything, the skull of the

skull itself — you must watch, you have to

be very vivid, vivid

as a vividness


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