I’m currently in Kathmandu, Nepal, for an unknown amount of time. There is a huge strike in Darjeeling that has shut everything down, including my Tibetan language school. It is still being called indefinite, after two and a half weeks. I’ve been in Kathmandu for about a week and a half now. I love it. I hope to spend a lot of time here after my school in Darjeeling finishes in December. I could easily see spending a year here happily. I’m living in Boudha, where the Great Stupa is.

I’m teaching English at Jonang Gompa, a small, new monastery in the Jonang tradition, the most rare of all Tibetan Buddhist traditions, with less than 140 monasteries in existence: 130+ in Tibet, one in India, and one in Nepal. I teach 9 1/2 hours a week. The students are very well behaved and good learners.

More later.

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