Inside Torkhe Baba’s Treehouse

The gateway is shorter than you

And it looks like it leads to a chimney.

Concrete and stones are smashed

together, molding a cube. He sat underneath this

tree for five years, nestled in leaves and

wet dirt. God sent a bolt of

holy lightening to strike the top of

its pinnacle, which told Baba

it was time to come out. Not

electricity, but full power Brahman

spirit. Now a spider

makes his home at the portal, but

my friend has displaced him.

Shiva rolls himself up in celebration

of us poking our heads into such

damp discovery.

A little sunlight

manages its way, casting small streaks

in the center of treehouse Insides ::: in this

muddy mandala:

a seedling grows.

Shivapuri, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

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