‘The Supplication to the Mother All Victorious Ones’

The Supplication to the Mother of All Victorious Ones

The mother of all Victorious Ones is the basic space of phenomena, Kuntuzangmo. %

The protectress of the people of Tibet is the One Mother, the Great Lady of Kindness. %

The bestower of spiritual attainments is the supremely blissful Queen Chief of the Dakinis: %

I supplicate at the noble feet of Yeshe Tsogyal! %

Please pacify inner, outer and secret obstacles, %

And grant your blessings that the life of the Guru may be firm. %

Grant your blessings that the ages of sickness, despair, and weapons may be pacified. %

Grant your blessings that curses, diseases, and black magick attacks may be pacified. %

Grant your blessings that lifespan, glory, and sublime wisdom may increase; %

And grant your blessings that our wishes may be spontaneously accomplished! %

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

Yeshe Tsogyal, the great yogini, and mystic writer/ the rainbow body practice~~

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