‘A Long Life Prayer for the Three Vajras’, by Terdak Lingpa

A Long Life Prayer for the Three Vajras


by Terdak Lingpa


Appearance-emptiness is supremely blissful, uncontrived Vajrakaya.

The youthfulness of the major and minor marks of perfection, which fully bloom for all Victorious Ones,

Is the Nirmanakaya, the wondrous form that is taken for those to be tamed.

May the vajra of unchanging exalted form remain firm!

Sound-emptiness is uninterrupted vajra speech.

The profound and secret sixty branches of melodious speech are the Dharmakaya.

The thoughts of beings’ minds: their nature is revealed as Sambhogakaya.

May the vajra of unimpeded noble speech remain firm!

Awareness-emptiness is vajra mind, beyond origination, cessation, and duration.

Profound and clear, pristine wakefulness is the basic space in which all phenomena arise.

The all-encompassing lord, Dharmakaya, is the heart-essence of the Victorious Ones.

May the vajra of awakened mind, free from confusion, remain firm!

In all-pervasive space, enlightened activity illuminates like the sun rising into daylight.

Benefit and happiness, totally free from positive and negative, is manifest in all its glory.

The lotus garden of the Teachings which flourishes as the supremely essential sustenance for beings:

For oceans of aeons, may it always be utterly radiant!

This was written by Terdag Lingpa.

Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

Prayer wheels with Om Mani Padme Hum inscription, a Tibetan Buddhist prayer, for sale in Thamel, a popular tourist destination in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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