be like a window

Looking outside the window

where the blue and red painted


say teaveg.thukpamilkveg.momo

and so on, la sog pa, all backwards for me,

all tempting —

no class today, so

i get the Special Thali.

the sun dares to shine:

you’ve got to be like a window

–not a door

but a window

If you want to transmit wisdom

through speech


that is.

This ashtray that abides

before me is beautiful. The scene

before you is Beautiful. If there was

an All-Powerful Overseer, he wrote this

universe to remember the beauty

in her mind.

We have many eyes.

Some of them are clouded.

Some of them are clear.

Some of them are made of smoke

And some emit sweet tears.

The Tathagata never wrote a

book, but had many mouths instead.

From them all, he sent forth flowers

which fall upon your head.

Darjeeling, India


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