indestructible country

lightning bolt country.

mountains made of wind.

a process no one knows.

clouds tempt the trees.

a horizon that knows mist.

a sun that knows itself.

diamond bolt country.

birds made of steam.

a kind of unfurling, a kind of unfurling that answers answers.

a hotel made of mountains.

trees tempt the clouds.

gentle vista, you can recognize something.

soft one, you conceal universes,

and thereby create beauty.

indestructible country.

an atmosphere that supports

only water:

water mountains

water sky

water hillsides

water people

water trees

water air

water culture.

your sunset is cold, but it

creates a sphere of warmth.

yor mountains are green, but they

create a sphere of blue.

your people are dark, but they

create a sphere of light.

your beauty is obvious, but you

pile up mountains to hide your face.

this is a process that everybody knows.

gentle vista, all those

who are conscious

perceive you.

clouds tempt the trees.

Darjeeling, India

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