A prayer for Tibet

Prayer for Peace and Freedom

Due to the great force of negative karma amassed in past lives,
In this life we Tibetans are undergoing great suffering.
May all the causes for this suffering finally be consumed
And may the happy sun of freedom dawn above us all.

The most salient supporting condition for the suffering of Tibetans
Are the Chinese, who are confused about what causes happiness and pain.
May they develop great loving kindness and compassion
Directed toward us Tibetans and all sentient beings.

We must recognize that we Tibetans viewing the Chinese
As our enemies and their viewing us with hatred and disdain
Will cause ceaseless suffering for all concerned. Knowing this,
Let us have love for one another like the love between mother and child.

Through the powerful reality of the Three Jewels and of relativity free from extremes,
And through the powerful truth of the unwavering causality of karma, good or bad,
May these aims that I have prayed for with a good heart
Come to pass right now without any hindrance.

by Geshe Tsulga

[Translated by John Dunne.]

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