‘The Intricate Knot of Indestructible Vajra Prayer’, by Terdag Lingpa

The Intricate Knot of Indestructible Vajra Prayer

by Terdag Lingpa, Minling Terchen Rigdzin Gyurme Dorje

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Hosts of Gurus, Yidams, and Deities — think of me!

From this moment onwards, all virtue accomplished through diligence,

And all virtue that has been accumulated throughout the three times — all virtue that exists —

Bringing it all together, I dedicate all this towards unsurpassable, unexcelled, complete and perfect awakening.

From this moment until I reach the heart of enlightenment,

With noble lineage, a clear intellect, free from pride,

With immense compassion, and endowed with devotion towards the Guru,

May I authentically abide within the resplendent Vajra Vehicle!

Ripened through empowerments, and endowed with the precepts of samaya commitment,

Perfecting the two stages of the path, those of Approach and Accomplishment,

Without difficulty, may I reach the level of a rigdzin holder of intrinsic awareness!

May I accomplish the two kinds of spiritual attainments with ease!

Whatever appearances there are, these are perfected within the ongoing spherical web of magical illusion.

All sounds are the sound of mantra, beyond ordinary speech and expression.

The fleeting moment-to-moment arisings within the mind do not aggregate within self-cognizing awareness.

May I actualize supreme bliss, free from union and separation!

May transgressions, ordinary concepts, and obscurations be purified in their own place, without having to abandon them!

May the outer, inner, and secret realizations of inseparability be consummated!

All is self-liberated within the panoramic spaciousness of Kuntuzangpo’s expanse.

May the depths of the lower realms be churned, and may samsaric conditioned existence and the nirvanic state of ultimate peace be pacified and equanimized!

May the kayas and purelands be manifestly completed within the supreme heart-drop sphere!

Not separating from the supreme samaya commitments, and the outer signs of acceptance and rejection,

May the knot of hope and fear be freed within vast and infinite pervasiveness!

May the Dharmakaya of the Great Perfection, Dzogpachenpo, be actualized!

May the blessings of the Three Lineages enter my heart!

May the secret path of the web of magical illusion be perfected within my mind!

Through awakened activity, pacification, and spontaneous accomplishment,

May the limitless beings be liberated!

Through the peaceful and wrathful emanations’ cycle of transmission and revelation;

Through the dakinis who protect us like children;

And through the dispelling of obstacles by the Dharma protectors and guardians,

May the countless aspirations I hold in my mind be accomplished!

May the teachings of the Victorious Ones spread and flourish,

And may the brilliant aims of the holders of the Teachings be accomplished!

Pacifying, without exception, all manner of adverse circumstances that may arise,

May limitless abundance and excellence be accomplished without effort!

This was the noble speech of Rigdzin Gyurme Dorje, and it is endowed with blessings.

Translated by Erick Tsiknopoulos, 2008.

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