The Eight Verses of Mind Training, by Kadampa Géshey Langri T’angpa, Dorjé Senggé

The Eight Verses of Mind Training

(blo sbyong tshigs brgyad ma)

by Kadampa Géshey Langri T’angpa, Dorjé Senggé

(bka’ gdams pa’i dge bshes glang ri thang pa rdo rje seng ge)

Translated from the Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos



1. May I, toward all sentient beings,

With the wish to accomplish their supreme aim,

Which exceeds even a wish-fulfilling gem,

Always regard them as dear.


2. When I associate with anyone whosoever,

May I view myself as lower than them all;

And with heartfelt intention toward others,

Regard them as supremely dear.


3. In all activities, may I examine the flow of my mind;

And the moment disturbing emotions arise,

Because they serve to endanger myself and others,

Confront them with forceful methods, and thereby counteract them.


4. When I see beings of negative disposition,

Overcome by severe harmful deeds and suffering,

As if stumbling upon a precious treasure;

May I regard them as something rare, to be cherished.


5. When others, out of envy,

Treat me unreasonably, such as with abuse and slander,

May I take the loss upon myself;

And offer them the gain.


6. When someone I have worked to benefit,

And in whom I had high hopes,

Acts to hurt me, completely unjustifiably;

May I view them as a sacred spiritual teacher.


7. In brief, directly and indirectly,

May I offer benefit and happiness to all mothers [all living beings];

And take all the pain and suffering of my mothers,

Secretly upon myself.


8. May all these [practices] be unsullied, as well,

By conceptual stains of the Eight Worldly Concerns;

And with awareness that knows all things to be illusory,

Without fixation, may there be liberation from bondage.


Translated by Erick Tsiknopoulos, December 2007, in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA. Revised completely on April 1st 2017, in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, India.


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