a prayer for rejoicing

 I pray that all beings may practice rejoicing, which has so many benefits.

I pray that all beings may come to know the inner and outer happiness and merit that comes from practicing rejoicing in others’ happiness, and positive actions, the cause of happiness.

I pray that all beings may come to know the truth of the words of holy beings, who say that rejoicing in others’ merit and virtue quickly causes one to attain the same amount of merit and virtue.

I pray that all beings may nurture this precious mind of rejoicing, which makes the mind peaceful, finds happiness in even the smallest of kindnesses, and wants nothing more than for others to remain happy.

I pray that all beings may be inspired to undertake the mind of appreciative joy.

May all beings never be separate from joy which is free from all sorrow.

May the happiness of all beings always increase.

May all beings always engage in positive and virtuous actions, motivated by genuine love and compassion!  

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