Prelude to a 12 Hour Himalayan Bus Ride

Currently 3:11 PM. Delhi. A little over 2 hours until boarding the Haryana Roadways doubedecker “sleeper” bus to Baijnath — the closest busstop to Bir. Quebec Remy is coming with me, I managed to convince him to come, for the creative benefit of all dear little sentient beings. Due to lots of background noise inhibiting my ability to think clearly, I’ll transcribe the bus ticket:




Date of Journey: 27-2-08                 Serial No.: 4347

Name:                                                  Plat Form No.: 8

Station From: Delhi                           To: Baijnath

Dep. Time: 18:00                                Seat No.: 37-38

No. of Passengers: 2                           Fare Rs.: 704

Sig. of Reservation Clerk:                  Reservation Charges: 2

                                                                Total: 706


1. Reservation slip/Tickets strictly non transferable

2. Passengers travels at their own risk & responsibility

3. Please report 15 minutes before the departure time.

4. Passengers are requested to travel with light luggage.

5. Passengers are requested to get the Reservation slip. Exchanged from Plat Form window before Boarding the Bus.

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