The Bodhisattva Wannabe is Back In Town: Coming to India is like a Baptism by Fire, Part 2

Here I am, Manju ka Tilla, the Tibetan Town of Delhi, in the very same internet shop that I was a little less than a month ago. In New York and Kuwait befriended a guy from Quebec who’s very into the Law of Attraction, and we’re currently traveling together. Not sure whether I’ll be going to Dharamsala for HH the Dalai Lama’s teachings or just straight to Bir to teach at Gyurme Ling. Glad to be back; overall, this time around has been much much smoother, with the exception of an unusually stubborn, lazy, and greedy taxi driver undynamic duo who dropped us off in the middle of nowhere in New Delhi after being disappointed that they couldn’t get a commission from their rip-off phony tourist agency friend (who told me to “fuck off” when he saw that I knew what was up!). Note to readers: be so so careful at the Delhi airport! Do NOT take ANY taxi other than the prepaid taxi, no matter how many seemingly friendly guys are vouching for them and telling that they are good taxis! Like Tijuana, Delhi can be like one big mafia ring, so watch out.

As my good friend Adam Persinger said in a recent email:

Cosmic love coming at ya from all points in and out, nonreferential awareness sparkling open.
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