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After just a little over 3 1/2 weeks in America, I’m back to India. Specifically, Bir, Himachal Pradesh, where I spent most of the last 2 1/2 weeks in January. I’m leaving the country once again at 9:15 PM on Sunday, February 24th, and arriving 4 something AM on the 26th. Hopefully I’ll be teaching English at Neten Chokling Rinpoche’s monastery, Gyurme Ling, in Bir. Neten Chokling Rinpoche is the director of the recent Milarepa movie. When I met him he said I could teach there. So hopefully the offer still stands. I normally would have firmed up my plans more, but circumstances were somewhat extreme, or they seemed so at the time. I’m leaving Pittsburgh in about 17 1/2 hours. I am wondering whether I shouldn’t have given myself more time — many of my belongings are still down south in Fayette County, and some relationship issues still feel unresolved. Nonetheless, here I go. Wish the best, dear readers.

With the money I have, I’ll be able to stay at least two months, and this time around, I’m determined to stay as long as possible, whatever it takes. The plan this time is teach English at monasteries in exchange for food and lodging and thus stretch out my money for as long as possible. And perhaps find some sponsors along the way. Let me know if you’re interested. This is all for a good cause — to translate Tibetan into English (oral and literary) for the preservation of the dying Tibetan culture and the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as teach Tibetans English, thus giving them a better future in the world. I’m looking mainly for monthly sponsors who could offer like $5-$50 dollars a month to help me stay there and study Tibetan and teach English to Tibetan monks. Of course one-time donations are great too. A little goes a long way over in them parts. Email me at if you’re interested. Wish me luck.

I’ll be keeping a regular journal of my experiences in India here, so keep posted.

I’m happy to be resuming my studies and going back to India. I originally planned to be there for a little under a year, but only racked up a month, so this time around I hope to stay as soon as possible. It’s where I want to be, for the time being, and it’s certainly a much more suitable place to pursue my interests and studies. I’m excited.

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