sems nyid — mind’s nature

sems nyid

From RangjungYesheWiki

Mind essence. (sems ngo). The nature of mind. A synonym for ‘buddha nature.’ [RY]

1) [nature of] mind [itself]; 2) ultimate, indestructible essence Great emptiness; 3) just mind; 4) spirit [IW]

mind itself [RB]

citta eva, nature of the mind, mind, mindness, mind-as-such, absolute subject-being, cognitive absoluteness, just-mind, spirituality, mind as shunyata, inner working, memory, soul, spirit, intelligence, consciousness, mind itself, the pure fact of (awareness, of being aware), unique fact of awareness, reality, mind-essence, ultimate nature of the mind, primordial experiencing, experiencing itself, mind’s own nature, mind nature, nature of mind [JV]

chittata, mind 1) mind itself, mind essence, nature of mind, mind nature, mind as such, ultimate nature of mind, true nature of mind itself, mind-as-such. Syn ngo bo rig pa. 2) the mind [RY]

Mind-essence. The nature of one’s mind which is taught to be identical with the essence of all enlightened beings, the sugatagarbha. It should be distinguished from ‘mind’ (sems) which refers to ordinary discursive thinking based on ignorance of the nature of thought [RY]

(note: pronounced “sem nyid”)

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